How to Start Sugar Free Lifestyle – Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet

sugar free lifestyle and diet

There surely is no argument that in large amounts sugar isn’t good for your health.
Did you also know that sugar (carbohydrates) is your body’s main source of fuel?
Your body especially your brain use sugar first to produce energy, your body finds using sugar much easier and it is much more efficient. I guess this is where the entire concept of eating in moderation comes in. Despite it being your main fuel source your body only needs so much in a day, anything more than what the body needs it will store it in the form of glycogen and fat. Yes this is why it is common speculation that sugars make you fat. It is true, but it doesn’t mean that drinking a barrel of oil won’t make you look round and fluffy.

In this Article

1. Why Sugar Eating is that Bad For You
2. History of Sugar and Processed foods
3. How Does Sugar Affect a Child
4. How To Begin a Sugar Free Diet
5. Sugar free Diet Plan
6. To The Diabetic and People with Insulin Resistance
7. Benefits of Quitting Sugar

8 Reasons Why Sugar Eating is that Bad For You?

Sugar causes acne: excess sugar causes your skin to age quicker because of the number of chemicals that are formed when your blood products combine with the sugar molecules. Plus sugar also gives acne and gives a dreadful skin experience that many creams and ointments wouldn’t correct.
Your eyes: sugar affects the small blood vessels of your eyes which in the long run would cause poor vision. It isn’t a quick process but over time it really does impair vision.
Your heart: sugar hardens and thickens the small blood vessels of the heart reducing the amount of blood that can pass through them. It part of the reason you hear that overweight or obese people have heart problems. It is estimated that people with a high sugar intake are estimated to be 25% more like to have a heart disease than those with a low sugar intake!
Your body weight: although this sounds extremely obvious, the effects of the weight gain are a lot worse that the basic loss of abs. With the much higher body mass index you are more like to fall ill, as your immunity would drastically be decreased. On a side note, with increased weight yyourjoints really take a toll. During the old age of people with a high sugar intake you will notice difficulty walking and using their joints. This is all because the increased weight causes the joints to wear out at a much faster rate than they are supposed to.
Your teeth: this is some general knowledge that we should all know by now but it really is something shouldn’t be taken likely. The excess sugar not only causes cavities, but it may also cause bad breath.
Your sexual health: increased consumption of sugar causes a reduced libido and sexual performance; this is rather serious as it may not be correctable when the symptoms are able to be noticed.
Your general mood: excess sugar is pretty horrendous for a persons’ general personality. After a couple sugary snacks the will be really sociable but the moments when they are sugar deprived they are rather irritable and aggressive.
Sugar effect on your liver: excessive sugar consumption may cause a problem with storage of excess sugars. With time eating sugar would cause your liver to get inflamed and swell up and scar. Eventually you may have liver failure which is an incurable disease.

History of Sugar and Processed Foods

Let us have a basic history lesson. Processed foods, and the entire industry of food processing dates way back to as far as the 1940s, when foods were mostly home cooked. Well, looking at it from a global perspective is a little harder, so we’ll focus America.
America initially started the entire enchilada of processed foods for their military. It was much harder to send their soldier’s food that would go bad in a couple day or food that they would be required to cook all on their own. It’s a little outrageous don’t you think, having the same person protecting you fend for him or herself. With necessity being the driving force, processed food emerged. At a random guess would you believe what was one of the first processed foods? Candy! Yes candy. With advances in their technology so did their food processing skill advance too. They started making bread that could last a little longer for their soldiers. Then here comes the twist, they started adding grains and oils, minerals and vitamins to avoid their soldiers getting malnourished.

Many, many years later we ended up here, having fast foods being one of the leading industries in the world. These foods till today aren’t entirely bad, foods like jarred baby food, canned tuna and pickled vegetables are all processed foods to their own extent.
Having that out of the way I hope that you have a basic idea of where your favorite pizza or cup of coffee all begun, feeding the protector of a nation.

How Does Sugar Affect A Child?

Sugar in moderate amounts is really good for a child; I might even go as far as saying that it is essential for the proper development of children. It is that good. But there is the key word, in moderate amounts.
In larger amounts sugar causes a wide array of problems for children from their general health to their mental health.
>Mood and Behavior
With excessive amounts of sugar taken into the body, mood swings could be noticed in these patients. The mood swings arise from the fact the children become hooked to the sweet taste and rush that sugar gives. Sugar tents to release endorphins, a hormone that causes the happiness. It becomes a sad scene when children solely depend on candy to be happy. They may lose appreciation for family and healthy food that may not have a sugary or sweet taste. These children may also be noticed to throw tantrums randomly. It is especially important to note that children that eat a lot of sugar regularly have a noticeably reduced attention span with their learning ability that may be noticed.
During periods of increased sugar intake there is a drop in white blood cell count. This means there is an increased chance of getting an infection during this period. It is estimated that the average child’s immunity drops by about 50%. This occurs up to 5 hours post sugary goods. Caution should be taken especially during outbreaks of influenza to avoid your child getting severely ill.
>General life of the child
With time it noticeable that the child won’t have an appreciation to the basic and finer tastes. This is speculated to be caused by immature taste buds.

How to Begin Your No Sugar Diet

how to start no sugar dietOne thing is certain. It is essential to not just remove every single sweet thing from your storage and fridge. As much as this sounds as a totally amazing plan, it just isn’t viable. It almost won’t work. I say almost because if it does work, you will definitely feel horrible during the entire process. This is all because you are actually addicted to sugar as is most of the world’s population. Taking something all the way from childhood almost every day and trying to stop abruptly, that truly does sound totally crazy.

Like any other addiction you need to wean off the product that you really like and find alternative and healthier options to it. It is also very important to remember that no one is perfect and you might relapse once or twice but this isn’t a reason to beat yourself up and feel horrible about it. In fact it is better to schedule a day, or a period when you will reward yourself with something sweet.

We have a couple suggestions to help out with your zero sugar diet

There is a good probability that you have been really hooked to soft drinks that are packed with a large amount of sugar. The sugars in these drinks are usually heavily processed and deemed to cause diabetes. We advise that if you feel you could easily get off them you could go right ahead and start with the zero sugar versions of the drinks. The larger brand drinks usually have such options, like a diet Pepsi, coke zero and even chair stores like Starbucks have zero calorie options.
Taking diet sodas to be honest isn’t the healthiest route you could peruse. The amount of chemicals put into the drink to make an already unhealthy coke taste like it has sugar increases the number of compounds and food colorings in the drink. We advise going for high fiber fruit juices. Freshly squeezed fruit juices would be our best recommendation. You could also play around with smoothies and shakes. You could make it interesting by getting the flavor from frozen and fresh fruits; bananas, berries, grapes, and apples seem to be good options.
quit sugar diet
Homemade snacks
It is extremely hard to predict the amount of sugar that is actually put into the pastries that are bought from stores. The calorie contents only give a brief picture of what goes into the food but stuff like food colorings, preservatives and added sugars may be hidden in the fine print. If you aren’t well versed in the whole health eating system this may just slip right through your fingers.

We strongly recommend baking your cookies cakes, pies, and cakes. This not only helps estimate the amount of sugar consumed, but it also ensures that you could make healthier changes when baking your products. You could add dried fruit, use honey in place of refined sugar. Plus it is the more economic option.

Eating out
This is pretty hard to help a person on this one. We best advice going out to eat all together as there aren’t so many places that have a good variety of sugar free lifestyle options. It is rather saddening to be honest, but we found a loophole Almost all restaurants are chain store sell salads and this is a really good way to go. We strongly advise that unless you know the place hold back on salads with heavy salad dressings, it is a much healthier choice to go for a Greek salad or a basic fruit salad.
If you often go out with a partner or friend, tell them that you are starting your health journey, and you would strongly appreciate it if they could stand beside you and support you. Be sure to be clear that you will probably fall short a bunch of times but they should be your support structure.
Read what you are putting into your body
It is really important to turn the pack of whatever you want to eat and read what it contains and how it is made. If you don’t understand a couple of ingredients you could look them up and if you don’t understand a lot of what the product is made of put it back onto the shelf and just walk along. Probably this chocolate bar wasn’t made for you. In the beginning it will be much harder, and your grocery shopping with taking a couple minutes more but with time you will know that good products and brands from the bad. You will be like a food sorcerer.
It is a hard journey to quit sugar but a good place to start is with substitutes. This is a situation in which you would omit the sugar from your mean and have it replaced by something a little healthier.

We have a couple sugar alternatives for a no sugar diet plan:

Acesulfame potassium
Agave nectar: this a pretty amazing products that comes from a cactus plant. It has similar health and nutritional properties as honey but it is sweeter, much sweeter. It also holds the same number of calories so physicians and general practitioners deem that less would be used.
Aspartame: this is an artificial sweetener that has a pretty strange reputation. It is void of calories but there is speculation that it may cause harm to your body when consumed in large amounts.
Honey: this is a much healthier replacement as it contains loads of minerals and vitamins. It also has a good amount of antioxidants that helps cleans your body of a lot of the junk it has been harboring. Honey is also commended for not causing spikes in blood glucose levels thus reducing the effects of its sugar.

Apart from these additives we also have some whole food recommendations to make your sugar free diet plan a little more bearable

Canned fruits: this is really good for the winter times and to make fruit salads. The have a really good taste, not as good as the fresh produce from the store but they are really good too. We strongly advise against using canned fruits drenched in syrup or thick sweet sauces. If they are your only option you could go ahead and rinse them under a sink of running water.
Dried fruits: these are amazing for cereal, porridges, and pastries too. Dried fruits tend to have a richer, stronger taste than their regular counterparts. The unique taste might have you wondering why you never quit sugar earlier.
Vegetables: a number of vegetables have a sweet taste that is a little irresistible but most of them are really low in calories

Sugar free Diet Plan

Vegetable Frittata

sugar free recipes - fritata
This is such a delicious diverse meal that could be had for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
For it you are going to need:
1 sweet potato peeled and sliced into quarter inch slices.
2 tablespoons of still water
7 eggs
3 tablespoons of skimmed milk
1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
A pinch of pepper
6 thinly sliced bacon strips
1 large green bell pepper
½ a cup of chopped onions
2 cups of coarsely chopped kale

How to prepare it:

Have your oven preset to medium high
Place your sweet potato in a microwave safe bowl and put it into the microwave for 5-6 minutes (till the sweet potato is softened).
Whisk together eggs, milk, salt, and pepper.
In an 11-inch oven safe skillet pan fry the bacon over a high heat till it is nice and crisp. When the bacon is properly brown and ready you could take it off the cooker.
Using the oils left over from the bacon, in the same skillet sauté the peppers, kale, and the onions over a medium heat.
Crack your eggs into the skillet and on a low heat gently stir them for about two minutes.
Add you bacon and sweet potato to the mix.
Transfer the entire skillet with all its contents into the oven.

☝We strongly advise that you use center cut bacon as it has way less fat. We also recommend try the frittatas cold, they are delicious this way too, and you will definitely have a blast having them for a picnic or for lunch with friends.
A single wedge of the frittatas’ comes in at having 14g of fat, 16 g of carbohydrates and 17 g of protein.

Crispy Chicken With a Side of Potatoes

sugar free recipes with chicken

For this you are going to need:
5 ¼ chicken legs
¼ cup of melted butter
1 table spoon of lemon juice
1 tablespoon of mustard
1 teaspoon of sea salt
1 teaspoon of paprika
¼ teaspoon of pepper
2 handfuls of halved potatoes.


Preheat the oven to a medium high heat setting
Mix all the ingredients into a bowl and toss them into a baking tray
Place the baking tray in the oven for 40 minutes and wait, checking on it intermittently ensure that everything is ok.
Serve and enjoy your meal.

To The Diabetic and People with Insulin Resistance

For people with type 2 diabetes and subclinical diabetes mellitus it is very essential to be very cautious about what and when you eat. diabetes diet
Subclinical diabetes is a form of diabetes that isn’t true diabetes but if proper care isn’t taken by the patient it may transform to diabetes mellitus type 2. And vice versa, with proper care and eating a person with sub clinical diabetes may transform to become healthy.
Diabetes mellitus type 2 on the other hand is a condition in which the body produces’ insulin but in insufficient amounts. This causes a steadily high level of glucose in the blood which over time could cause kidney, heart and even liver problems.
You could find out more about subclinical diabetes mellitus and type 2 diabetes mellitus if you suspect that you could be prone to being diabetic.

The general method is by eating at regular intervals and ensuring that you your meals do not heavily spike your blood glucose levels. This sounds complex, but it involves the consumption of complex sugars and slow digesting starches. Consuming foods less heavily processed foods and foods with many artificial flavors and sweeteners may also assist.It is cardinal that this group of individuals eats food with a low glycemic index.

They out to consume foods such as:
►Brown rice
►Whole wheat
►Leafy greens
►Greek yoghurt

Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Weight loss. There is a rather rapid weight loss after the beginning of ceasing sugar consumption. This is caused by the fact that sugar has the ability to retain water. The fact that sugar has empty calories (no nutritional value) and causes cravings attributes to the fact that in its absence the body functions a lot better.
A better dental. Reducing the amount of sugar consumed reduces the chances of getting dental caries. Plus the lower amount of sugar improves the quality of a persons breathe.
Less stomach upsets. A number of the products that are proceed moderately or heavily processed tend to have higher amounts of processed sugars and sweeteners and this causes bloating and abdominal discomfort.
Better energy levels. When sugars are ruled out people tend to have better energy all day round.

With all this information we hope you still don’t doubt whether to jump into the sugar free lifestyle head first. It isn’t one of those crazy health myths that are entirely based on speculation. It isn’t a magic seed to get you to longevity. A number of people talked of how it was rather hard in the beginning to give off their favorite cookies and brews of coffee. But a couple weeks and months down the line they all stated how amazing their body feels. I was like they were in a totally new body, totally different. It is rather difficult to explain to another person, you personally need to go through it and experience it. It is kind of like the umami taste sensation. You know it, you love it, and you understand it. But it isn’t easy to elaborate to another person in a way they would truly understand and appreciate it.
The sugar free lifestyle isn’t bound by age or by size. Anyone can go through it but if you are a type 1 diabetic we advise consulting your doctor over it. It will work for sure but you may need to adjust your insulin dosage so that everything runs smooth.

Plus living a sugar free lifestyle doesn’t mean that you are about to reach the end of your life. You could spice it up by adding various kinds of vegetables and snacks into your meals just to spice things up. A good example of things that would help with your dieting is adding colorful tasty greens life microgreens. These little miniscule plants have amazing flavors and scents that would give your salads and dishes a whole new personality. They would actually have you declining your regular salad in place of a tastier much healthier and tastier option.

To have your sugar free lifestyle going we decided to give you a microgreen recipe that is both tasty and heathy.
You will need:
Fresh brown bread
An avocado
A hand full of radish microgreens
Cherry tomatoes
What you will need to do
Grab your avocado and peel it and remove the seed
Place the peeled avocado into a bowl and the microgreens
Smash the contents into a paste of an even consistency
Spread this paste onto two slices of brown bread
Garnish with cherry tomatoes.
Finding microgreens isn’t the easiest process in the world for most people, us inclusive. But we managed to DIY ourselves into being able to acquire them based on their high nutritional value they truly are worth the effort of going above and beyond to procure them.
We went through a couple options and found the convenient and the easiest to get around with to grow your microgreens are microgreen growing kits and aquaponics systems.
Microgreen growing kits enhance the ease of your sugar free lifestyle by setting you in such a way that all you really need to get started is a kit and to plant the microgreen seeds. The rest is literally history. You would only need to return a couple days later to harvest your healthy, juicy and nutritious greens. It is a marvel.
The aquaponics kits are for the more fashionable. It is for the set of individuals who thought, you know what, being healthy shouldn’t look unappealing. They want to make a good situation better. And in our opinion it is an amazing bang for your buck. The aquaponics kits work by growing fish and vegetables together in symbiotic harmony. It truly is remarkable.
But if vegetables aren’t more of your taste you could go on a ketogenic diet or just totally become Presbyterian, by only consuming fish. Trust me it is an amazing route but getting a constant supply of fresh fish that you actually trust isn’t as easy as it sounds. This is where setting up your hydroponics fish tank would come in. this would help you grow your fish, trusting what your fish receive and knowing that your fish received only the best of the best and none of these chemicals big companies seems to pump into our food.
We hope you have learned a lot about being healthy and that your old sugar ways are behind you. We know it won’t be the easiest route to take but it sure is one of the most prestigious and glamorous routes you could take.

Author: Sophia D. Hope

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