Best Small Solar Driveway Lights in 2020

solar driveway light

When you’re looking to accentuate an area or just illuminate it so that your guests can see around your driveway or garden during the night, then the best solar driveway lights can be a great choice. For those looking to save on their monthly electric bills, a good set of solar driveway lights can virtually make keeping your area nice and bright with minimal cost. In this guide, we’re going to highlight seven some of the best solar lights for your driveway so that you can make an educated purchase.

Product nameBest forPrice
1.URPOWER Solar Lights Solar powered light reviewBest Lights for Utility Check Price
2. LITOM Outdoor Solar Lights solar path lightBest for Wall-Mounted Installation

Check Price
3.JACKYLED Dock Path Roaddriveway lights reviewBest for Weatherproof Check Price
4.YUNLIGHTS Solar Ground LightsYUNLIGHTS 5 LED Solar Ground Lights reviewBest for a High Level of Brightness Check Price
5. GIGALUMI Solar Lights OutdoorGIGALUMI Solar Lights OutdoorBest for Vertical Functionality Check Price
6. GARDENBLISS Solar Lights  GARDENBLISS Solar driveway LightsBest for Aesthetic Design Check Price
7. ERLIGPOWHT Outdoor Solar LightsErligpowht Outdoor Solar Lights REVIEWBest for Adjustability Check Price

1. URPOWER Solar Lights – The Best Solar Lights for Utility

best small solar light

The first product in our guide is a device from URPOWER. These lights come in a pack of four and are designed with an adjustable lighting head. You can position the lights to display upwards or in a forward-facing orientation, which makes this a very versatile product. These have a photovoltaic cell on each light, so they are designed to be wireless.

When it comes to aesthetics, these don’t blend in very well. That being said, they have an excellent utilitarian design, but they won’t win any rewards for beautiful design. Also, when planting these near a garden, the excess water can cause them to malfunction, so plant these into dry solar driveway light

URPOWER did a great job when it comes to lighting design; they are made to generate a high level of illumination, and they will run all night with relative ease. These are also very easy to install and have a dual-function design that makes them easy to fit on a wall.


If you’re looking for some reasonably cheap solar lights that are versatile and very bright, then these definitely fit the bill. While they aren’t the best solar lights for looks, their functionality is excellent.

  • These are very versatile
  • The light is very bright
  • They will last just about all night with sufficient sunlight
  • The batteries will start to fade over time
  • Excess water can cause damage
  • The design isn’t for everyone

2. LITOM Outdoor Solar Lights – The Best Solar Lights for Wall-Mounted Installation

best small solar hanging light reviewNot every type of driveway light needs to be ground-mounted. These lights, which are manufactured by Litom, are designed to be mounted on a wall and have security features that make them very convenient. The LEDs are very bright, and there’s a large solar cell at the top that will absorb a lot of energy.

best solar small light review

For this product, the sensor range can feel a bit limited, so placement is crucial if you want to experience an adequate level of security. In addition to this, the company doesn’t provide any mounting hardware, and there are no instructions that walk you through the process.

These have motion-sensing, so they will activate when they detect movement in your driveway. Not only is this convenient for visitors, but this is great for your security as well. These are also rated at IP65, which means that they are entirely dustproof and they can even be fully submerged in water.


This product is reasonably unique, and its downward-facing lighting is very bright and steady. If you’re looking to mount some driveway lights on a wall, this is a great product to consider.

  • The lights look great and work well as an accent piece
  • They are designed to pump out a lot of illumination
  • The photovoltaic cells absorb a lot of sunlight and will help the lights last for hours
  • The motion-sensing range could be a bit larger
  • There are no instructions and no mounting hardware

3. JACKYLED Dock Path Road Long Service Time LED Step Lights – The Best Solar Lights for Weatherproof Functionality

solar small driveway light review

These driveway lights stand out because of the fact that they can be screwed into just about any hard surface. This means that if you have a wooden walkway or a stone driveway, the installation will be straightforward. These are also IP68-rated, so they can be fully immersed without losing functionality.

Unfortunately, these work better as accent lighting since the LED bulbs are somewhat small and not very bright. They also have a tendency to stop functioning after a few years of use.

While these are technically dock lights, they work well for use in a home; they are very bright and are relatively easy to install as long as you have pilot holes in the thicker driveways. They are also super-durable, so driving over them with large vehicles won’t cause any damage to the lights at all.


If you need a completely waterproof solar-powered driveway light for a broad swath of your property, this pack of eight lights can come in handy. While they aren’t the brightest, they definitely are very convenient for most everyday use.

  • These can be installed very easily with liquid nails or screws
  • They come in a pack of eight, which is useful
  • They are very durable; you won’t be able to damage them easily
  • The light isn’t very bright
  • They aren’t very attractive

4. YUNLIGHTS 5 LED Solar Ground Lights Waterproof Patio Lights – The Best Solar Lights for a High Level of Brightness

solar path lights reviewThese solar driveway lights are very easy to use and drive deep into most terrains and provide a relatively bright level of illumination. They are also made of sturdy metal, so you’re not going to have an issue with inadvertent damage during use. They are also IP65-rated so that weather won’t be an issue.

“Yunlights opted to use molded plastic for the stakes that drive these into the ground. As a result, if you hit a hard subsurface area, the stakes can be dented. The lights are also very bright, so it can be a bit blinding for those walking up and down the driveway.

solar path light review

These stand out because of the fact that they are so bright; you’ll definitely have more than enough illumination when you’re using your driveway path. Additionally, these have four sharp stakes in addition to the large one, which will ensure that they are firmly planted into the soil.


With five LEDs and a good projection design, these LED lights are very bright for those darker nights. They are also fairly sturdy, so walking or even driving over them shouldn’t cause fatal damage to the lights.

  • These are very bright
  • They have a very tough construction
  • They absorb a lot of light
  • The light can sometimes seem blinding
  • The stakes should be made of metal, not plastic
  • They tend to fail after a few months

5. GIGALUMI Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Led Lights – The Best Solar Lights for Vertical Functionality

 GIGALUMI Solar Lights Outdoor Garden Led Lights
These stakes are designed with light detection that turns them on when the light drops below a certain level and turns them off again at dawn. They are also intended to rise reasonably high out of the soil, so they’ll be easy to see, even if you place them amongst growing plants. The stakes are also very durable, so hard earth won’t damage them easily.

The lights can fill up with water, which will cause damage and lack of functionality. Also, these tend to break down over time. The switches that turn the lights on and off also tend to be nonfunctional.

small solar driveway light

One of the standout features of these lights is the fact that they come in a 12-pack, which makes it very easy to illuminate a large area of your driveway. Also, these are definitely bright enough to provide a good level of illumination on your driveway without being blinding. These also look very attractive, and the fact that they are high off the ground can be advantageous in some driveways.


These are good solar-powered lights that have a high level of versatility and a quality design aesthetic. They are also reasonably strong, so if you need to get lighting into tough soil, these will work well for your needs.

  • They have a tall design
  • The material is very rugged and durable
  • They come in a pack of 12
  • The lights can fill up with water or moisture
  • These aren’t rated for frigid days

6. GARDENBLISS Solar Lights – The Best Solar Lights for Aesthetic Design

small solar driveway light

These Gardenbliss products are designed to stand taller so that they will be visible, even when there is a lot of foliage on a driveway. Also, unlike some solar light products, these are designed for lastingness; they are rated to function even after 30,000 hours have passed. They are also designed with all-weather functionality.

Unfortunately, these aren’t very bright; in fact, they only light a few feet away from the main LEDs. While multiple lights will help, don’t expect a wash effect. Additionally, the rechargeable batteries that ship with the product definitely aren’t of the highest quality, which means that you may want to replace them.

These stand out because of the fact that they have an exquisite design; there’s a classic look to them, so they will look great in a garden. They also come in a set of 10, so you should have enough fixtures to provide some lighting for a reasonably large solar driveway light


Overall, these solar-powered lights have a relatively decent level of light output and have a great aesthetic design. While they can’t be used for a vast level of illumination, they have a good enough light output for a garden party at night.

  • These are fairly sturdy
  • They have a classic design that many will love
  • They have a waterproof seal
  • The light doesn’t really extend vertically past the topmost cap
  • The batteries are of low quality

7. Erligpowht Outdoor Solar Lights – The Best Solar Lights for Adjustability

Erligpowht Outdoor Solar Lights

These solar lights from Erligpowht have a unique pivoting joint that will allow you to position both the light head as well as the solar panel. This means that you can take advantage of better angles so that the panel can absorb more solar energy. This design also makes it easy to install these in a driveway or on a wall.

These only come in a pack of four, so if you really want to illuminate your driveway, you’re going to have to purchase multiple packs. In the winter months, you can also expect only a little more than five hours of light output, which can be problematic.

small solar driveway light
These have a very adjustable design; they even come with the option of staking them into the ground or screwing them into the surface, so you’ll have good options. The light head is also VERY bright thanks to nine LED bulbs that use reflective surfaces to increase the light output. There’s also a high and a dim light mode, which, once again, provides the owner with options.


These are very easy to adjust, so if you want to buy a few and light up multiple areas, these are versatile enough to be used both in the ground and on walls. Unfortunately, they only come in a four-pack.

  • These have a great-looking design
  • They can be used at multiple angles thanks to a pivoting joint system
  • They produce about 180 lumens of brightness, which is fairly bright
  • They may not last all night in the colder months
  • These aren’t always watertight

Buyer’s Guide

What Makes Solar Lights Special?

When you’re using solar-powered lights, they are working all day. They absorb solar radiation when the sun is shining throughout the day and convert this power to electricity that’s used to light the bulbs during the nighttime. This is very useful because reducing the amount of power derived from the energy grid is not just more economical to your bottom line, but it also will help reduce the usage of fossil fuels.

Additionally, these devices have a bit of smart tech in them, so they know when it’s become dark and can be set to turn on when the ambient light is low automatically. In most cases, there’s a solar panel connected to the light’s housing that collects solar power during the day, but there are products on the market that are wired into a separate solar power collector.

If you’re considering a solar-powered driveway setup, it’s a good idea to purchase a product that can collect energy freely for more than eight hours. When you allow light to be obtained in this manner, you should have an illuminated driveway for a full night.

Are other important features to consider?


When you’re working with outdoor driveway lighting, you can find products that actually have motion-sensing ability. These motion-sensing lights are useful for both convenience and security when used in your driveway. They provide convenience for you because of the fact that they won’t turn on unless they detect movement. They also offer a high amount of convenience for your guests because they will illuminate the path to and from your home. From a security standpoint, these are a good choice because you’ll know when someone is in your yard or your driveway when the lights cycle on.

►The Level of Illumination

If you’re going to be illuminating your driveway, it’s a good idea to purchase a product that has a high level of brightness so that you and your guests can see their way easily. Most driveway lights and other LED-based light systems measure their illumination in lumens, and ideally, you want a higher lumen level that’s greater than 100 or so.

It’s essential to understand that the light output in most situations will hinge on the amount of solar energy the lighting system has absorbed throughout the day, so always try to position your lights in the most optimal place for sunlight. In this regard, the products with external solar collectors can really stand out because you can post the lights in an area that doesn’t get as much light as long as the collector is positioned correctly.

►The Material

When on the market for one of these sets, it’s a good idea to ensure that the product is made of the right materials. As a general rule, materials like rubber and plastic will start to degenerate over time, so purchase driveway lights that have an all-metal construction, especially if you’ll be planting them into soft soil. Some materials also tend to degrade when exposed to the elements, so take a look at the packaging of your product to ensure that excess water and low temperatures won’t cause your solar-powered driveway lights to deteriorate.

►Wired or Wireless?

This is an important decision to make because there are definitely pros and cons to purchasing each type. In this section, we’ll compare the two so that you can have a good idea of how each works.

Wired: With wired lights, you’ll wire each of your solar driveway lights to an external solar collector. These make it very easy to just install the lights and collect the required solar energy in another location. That being said, you’ll have a system that’s tethered, which can be somewhat limiting. Also, any damage caused to the wire as a result of poor weather conditions or accident will disable the entire lighting system.
Wireless: These are generally construed as the most flexible lighting option and can make for fairly cheap solar lights when it comes to overall cost. These are also very easy to install, and since each is designed to be self-sufficient, you can organize them in just about any arrangement imaginable. With all of this taken into consideration, there’s still an issue with solar collection; if they aren’t in a sunny enough spot, you won’t get optimal illumination.

Additionally, you definitely have to be careful with the solar collectors; not all are built to the same level of quality, and these wireless models can easily fall prey to shoddy solar panel design.
Physical Aesthetics

These lights are great for providing a high level of illumination for a preset area, but they are also designed for generating a great ambiance for your driveway. For this reason, definitely consider the physical design and the lighting pattern of your lights. The best driveway lights are going to have a beautiful aesthetic appearance that will help accentuate the look of your garden or driveway. Fortunately, there is a wide array of options out there on the market, so you should be able to easily find products that fit your style as well as your décor.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide helps you find the best outdoor driveway lighting for your home, and each of the products that we’ve selected here provides a great lighting experience. Still not 100 percent sure which product you should go with? Take another look at our buyer’s guide section; you should easily be able to narrow down your choices using the information posted there.

This type of lighting is becoming increasingly popular, and soon, the best solar path lights will be in every home, especially with the steady advancement of photovoltaic cells, which power the solar panels. In just a few years, these lights may be able to power themselves for days with just a single day’s worth of solar power.

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