What are MicroGreens? Health Benefits, Recipes and How to Grow at Home

With summer being right around the corner, I bet you are trying to figure out the next best thing what is the easy way to be fit and healthy as soon as possible. Everyone wants to be able to brag about their amazing beach body, and I bet you want to do the same too.

This is where your long extended search how to be fit and healthy probably comes to an end.how to grow microgreens

In this article

Have You Ever Heard of Microgreens?

And before we go into this topic no, they are not microscopic vegetables, but pretty close. They are actually miniature versions of the full sized vegetable. These plants are leafy greens that are harvested about a week to two weeks after they have been planted. Don’t freak out just yet, they are actually super tasty and healthy. So much so that they are used in fine dining restaurants to enhance the flavor of the food that clients eat. I guess it’s probably the reason people spend a ton of money in a fine dining restaurant only spend months reminiscing over the food they had awaiting the day they would head back and spend another truckload of money.

If you are familiar with microgreens, they are the little vegetables that are placed on top of food in fancy places that you probably never tasted or thought is inedible.

Are MicroGreens Actually Improtant

You will be blown away at how important they are. I bet for a split second you would consider giving up you regular vegetables for full sized greens for microgreens. These plants pack up with intense flavors. You’d be shocked how such minuscule plants could have such an explosive effect on your taste buds. A number of restaurants and burger joints add it to their dishes just to knock their clients head right out of the park. Yeah the burger that you might have had the tasted out of this word probably had some micro greens in it. That is crazy, right?!

If you are looking for diet to be fit and healthy, let’s jump right into the nutritional content of the micro greens. This is where these little ones use their larger counterparts (fully grown vegetables) to mop the floor.

Micro greens may come up to be 40 times more nutritious than regular greens! This is mind blowing, I feel we have been scammed our whole life to eat regular greens. We would all probably have had super human strength or actually all liked vegetables from the time we were kids. Oh well we can’t dwell on the past can we, but we sure can make adjustments to our current lifestyle so we can be healthier, stronger and better looking people.
🔍 The best part about these magnificent plants is that all the facts about them isn’t just speculation, it is actually backed up by science. Associate professor Dr. Qin Wang, PhD,  from the department of nutrition and food science of the Maryland Universities’, college of agriculture and food science says, ‘when we got the results about their nutritional content we rushed and had to check, double check and triple check.

What are The Advantages of Eating Microgreens

          • ✅The high amount of vitamins and nutrients is good for your eyes, your skin and helps fight against cancer.
          • ✅They have a high amount of polyphenols. These are natural chemicals that are found in food, and they act as antioxidants. These are chemicals that help your body reduce the toxic substances in your body and reduce the chances of getting diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease.
          • ✅Microgreens reduce the chances of getting heart disease. This is done because they reduce the body’s ability to absorb low density lipoproteins. These substances affect the blood vessels of the heart and cause heart diseases. They also reduce the rate at which people gain weight by 17%.
          • ✅Since microgreens are harvested no too long after they germinate they do lose essential micronutrients.
          • ✅They have intense unique flavors that you probably haven’t come across anywhere else.
          • ✅Due the way they are grown they have way fewer bacteria and much less disease causing organisms compared to regular vegetables.
          • ✅They are easy to grow and eat.
          • ✅They have multiple colors that make children really want to eat them by putting them on a sandwich or on a piece of cheese. The odd thing is that the more colorful they are the more nutritious they tend to be.
          • ✅Unlike many fruits and vegetables these miniscule greens may be grown all year round. They do not have a seasonal preference.
          • ✅Due to their high water content they do not need to be cooked.

What are The Disadvantages of Microgreens

⛔They are normally more expensive than their fully grown counterparts.

⛔Because they only sold very fresh they might be in short supply.

⛔Due to their high vitamin content they have large amounts of vitamin K. This means that patients taking medication like warfarin and aspirin to reduce blood clotting should eat them cautiously with advice from your doctor.

Can Microgreens Give You a Good Physique?

Is winter cold? Is the sun hot? Can birds fly? Can micro greens give you a good physique?

The answer to all these questions is yes. Well if you have been working out for a while, or a health fanatic you probably know the old saying.

Fitness is 30% exercise and 70% of your diet. And these micro little plants are no slouch when it comes to the diet department.

With the right combination of foods and training ethic, you bet you would get bikini ready by summer. ☝Wait a second!!!! This doesn’t mean that you could eat every big mac and eat from every fast food joint, and the little magic plant will fix everything. Not at all, it’s really good but it isn’t a magic trick or a shortcut.

For starters we would strongly recommend garnet, cilantro and the mildly spicy radish to get your healthy lifestyle journey going. Plus investing into your health is one of the best investments you could make, of course buying stock is a good idea but long life and longevity is something no one can take away from you.


It’s no secret that when you are pregnant your diet and lifestyle choice is no longer about you alone. You really have to understand that everything you eat and do doesn’t affect you alone but also has an effect on the little one you carry in your tummy.pregnancy microgreens recipes diet

Let us understand this, as a woman and future mother you only have 256 days (9 months) to grow a healthy bouncing baby inside you. We totally cannot afford to waste a single day, a single hour, and a single meal! This means each day should be a health mission that should be accomplished. This means greens, more greens, a lot more greens and less junk food.

Remember only 9 months, and we can’t afford to slouch and lean back.

Microgreens have been proven to be some of the best food for women during their pregnancy (alongside kale), especially during their second and third trimester. During this period the mother needs to have a much higher calorie intake (340 calories whilst she is in her second trimester and approximately 450 calories during her third). The increased food also involves an increased vitamin and mineral intake which the microgreens provide plenty of.

It so hard to trust where you get your vegetables and food especially when you want to make sure that you are giving the little one in your tummy the best of the best you can find. And who knows what some of these farmers are putting in the fruit and vegetables before selling them. Not being paranoid but really, who really knows. Especially during the winter when there isn’t much food and fruit to go around.

Microgreens can be grown right in the back of your garden or with careful guidance they may be grown in your garage during the winter when your backyard is rock solid from the freezing temperatures that Mother Nature loves sending us. Winter is not an excuse to be lazy and binge on burgers, pizzas, and cookies. You could still be plenty healthy during this period.

If you would like to learn how to grow microgreens right in your apartment here is a video

Read More about Starter kit for Growing MicroGreens

Can You Give MicroGreens to Children 

Giving children vegetables is a little of a struggle especially when your children look at every single vegetable like they are a villain from their favorite marvel cartoon.

The easiest way out of this is by finding a vegetable that ticks all the boxes;



✅Actually healthy.

Of course dipping a carrot stick in honey would have all the kids running for more and more servings of greens but it’s just not practical or healthy is it?

Here comes microgreens again, our knight in shining armor. They are plenty colorful, super tasty and incredibly healthy. Some things that are too good to be true aren’t probably true but this micro plant sure is no myth.

It is insane how underrate this vegetable is. One really cool part of the whole plant is that it is easily grown. With this it is a really good practice to get kids engaged into the science of how plants grow step by step. They will surely be super interested in getting the plant that they took their time and effort into growing. Plus the bonus of the plant only taking a few days to grow doesn’t make whole process so boring that the kids eventually forget that they planted a crop earlier.

Let’s not run away from allergies. Being that microgreens and whole plants and not seeds, this makes them hypoallergenicthis means there is a slim to no chance of getting an allergic reaction to them). We surely wouldn’t want to open a can of worms by hoping to be finding a magic food and later getting the kids and ourselves ill. We recommend that you first have test dose of a small amount onto the children then later you could go ahead and give them tones and tones of the little green munchables.

Here you may read the recipes for kids and pregnant women

How Do you Actually Grow MicroGreens? Quick Tips for Growth

You could be totally professional or have a DIY set up. In this article we are going to give you advice on how to make a DIY set up. About best automated ways to grow microgreens you can read below. 

    For a startup you are going to need:

  • Light (it could be from the sun which is probably the best, or you could go ahead and use a light source, the brighter the better but that doesn’t mean you need a light bulb that is going to quadruple your electricity bill. A regular horizontal light bulb should do the trick).
  • A container in which you are going to grow your microgreens.
    You don’t need to buy a dedicated container you could go right ahead and use a take-out packet. Who said McDonald’s isn’talthy after all.
  • A lid or a wide piece of aluminum foil.
  • 1 spray bottle.
  • A pair of scissors.


Get your container that you are going to use as your growing bed. Perforate the bottom if you can by making holes at the bottom with a scissors or pins. These are done to make sure that the soil is aerated.

Place growing soil into your growth container. You absolutely don’t have to buy the most expensive growing soil for the market. You could buy inexpensive soils because the seeds grow so rapidly and doesn’t need highly fertilized soils. You should place about on inch (2.55 cm) of soil evenly throughout the container.

 ➦Scatter the seed evenly throughout the container. You do not have to burrow the seeds or cover them up. Just sprinkle them evenly across the container. Because the plant is going to be harvested when it is small we advise that you plant a good amount of seeds on the top of the container. Plant the seed of your choice but we strongly advice going for a public favorites like kale, lettuce, radish, and cauliflower.

  ➦Grab your spray bottle and make the seeds, and the top layer of soil damp. You should not use a watering can regardless of small it is. Even you kids watering can from that gardening kit you bought them is still way too big. This is because watering can pour a long stream of water that will displace the seeds and flood the soil that will cause most seeds to grow in one patch of the container and another patch of soil to grow completely void of growing plants.

  ➦Then tap the wet soil and seeds to lightly push the seeds into the soil to let it grow just a little more rooted into the soil.

  ➦Now get your lid and cover the growing tray. It should be covered well enough so that light does not enter into the growing tray. The absence of light causes the microgreens to germinate at a much faster rate. Keep the lid over the plants for about 2-3 days, by this time you’ll realize that the microgreens have grown to about one to two inches. The seeds grow differently based on the type of plant, temperature of the environment and how much moisture the seeds were able to absorb. You may take the lid of a couple times a day to mist (spray) the seeds. Avoid taking the lid off too regularly as this will slow down the rate at which the seeds germinate.

 ➦After a couple days when you realize that the shoots have grown to about one or two inches and the plants are pale, light green or a lighter shade of red. Once you remove the cover in a couple days you will notice that the shoots will change from their lighter shade of color to much darker colors. The leaves and stem will both change their color at this point and grow at a faster rate.

 ➦In about a week to two weeks these tasty morsels will be ready to harvest. Once they are ready you will need a bowl, and a pair of scissors. We recommend harvesting these plants minutes before you are going to eat them. Use your left hand to grab a bundle of the microgreens and with the pair of scissors in your left hand cut the plants from as low as possible avoiding getting soil as you cut.

 ➦Once you have removed all the miniscule plants from the soil you have two options, either composts the soil and roots of the microgreens, or you could reuse the soil. If you would like to reuse it, we recommend that you pluck the roots of the plants from the soil and add a little more soil on the top and begin the whole process of growing microgreens all over again.

 ➦Now you have your already harvested microgreens. Rinse them in fresh clean water and place them in your salad or as a garnish to your mean and get ready to enjoy the meal.

Here is a picture of one week old mustard that is ready for harvest.

Here is an Easier Way to Grow for Beginners

If you find the entire process of growing the little plants cumbersome, here is a super easy way to grow the plant and this won’t need you to commit to growing the plant.


growing microgreens at home
Get a piece of paper towel and fold it into three or four sheets depending on the thickness that you have.


growing microgreens step by step

Evenly spring your seeds onto the paper towel. Be cautious to generously spread seeds onto the paper towel.


growing microgreens step by step

Squirt water onto the seeds using a spray bottle. Ensure that you get the paper, and the seeds damp enough but do not drown them.


growing microgreens step by step

Cover the plate with seeds using cling wrap. Be sure not to make it air tight, you could either leave a couple spaces or poke the cling wrap to aerate the seeds.


growing microgreens step by step

Mist the plants about twice a day to ensure that the seeds have hastened growth.


How To Sprout Seeds

Your plants are now ready and could be harvested to be enjoyed.

Growers Tips

          • Ensure that the growing tray you’re going to use has holes at the bottom that make it easier for excess water to drain and for the soil to be aerated. This isn’t optional it is mandatory.
          • You have the grand option of using sunlight vs an electric bulb. We advise that you use an electric bulb because your crop will grow all the time and will grow straight up. This is compared to the sun the shines for several hours and day and if you grow your plants by the window the will probably grow in a bend fashion.
          • Each time you water your little green delicacies make sure that you moisten them, do no drown them in water. This isn’t good for the ideal growth of the plants.
          • If you live in colder areas we strongly advise against growing your plants in the garage especially if your garage is freezing cold. If you are so keen on growing them in the garage you could place heating mats under the growing beds but this might prove to be a little expensive in our opinion.
          • Ensure that as you plant your seeds you are generous with them. When they grow you would like to get a dense ‘bush’ of shoots and not plants that are far apart.
          • Do not growing them in a garden. Well if you have a garden we really don’t recommend growing these plants there for a bunch of reasons; 1. Your garden could have insects and bugs crawling over your tasty plants, and you could barely regulate them. 2. If it rained the seeds might not only be dispersed, but they could be washed away all together.
          • If you have a greenhouse it is a good idea to grow microgreens in it but we honestly do not recommend building a dedicated green house for them.

 MACHINE That Could Growth MicroGreens

We live in the 21st century and honestly very few people have the ability to constantly be home and watch over these plants. We searched and scampered all over the place to find you some of the best automated ways to grow microgreens. Being healthy shouldn’t be a chore. You could go easily go ahead with your everyday life and still come home late at night and be as healthy as you ever could.

Lejoy Garden 110V Bean Sprouts Machine

automatic growing microgreens starter kit reviewWe would like to give honorary mentions to automatic microgreens growing machine. These really are top of its class. These automatic microgreens machine are the ultimate solutions to growing the plant especially if you have been having issues growing the plants. It has been created with the understanding of all aspects involved in growing microgreens and all the issues most growers come across. We highly recommend it.

The indoor microgreen starter kit

This box comes in with everything, and we mean everything that you would possibly need to start off you microgreen establishment. I’m not saying that you could start a microgreen plantation, but you’d have just enough here for you, your family and probably a little extra to give you r friends and neighbors. It is made in America so you could be rest assured that you are getting your moneys with for this product.growing microgreens starter kit seed dproter

The full review about Microgreens growing Starter kit you could read here  Best MicroGreens Growing kit – TOP 10 in 2019

Which Plants Could You Grow as MicroGreens?

Not all seeds may be grown with the intention of eating them as microgreens. We highly advise that you pick seeds in which the entire shoot may be consumed. So a plant like tomato should totally be off your list. We drew up a list of the seeds that you may plant with the intention of consuming them as microgreens.

          • Lettuce
          • Kale
          • Spinach
          • Radish
          • Beet
          • Watercress
          • Herbs
          • Greens
          • Cabbage
          • Mustard
          • Chia
          • Sunflower
          • Buckwheat
          • Arugula
          • Chives
          • Chard
          • Cilantro
          • Mint
          • Parsley
          • Carrots
          • Celery
          • Basil
          • Mustard greens
          • Fennel

Microgreens are known to be densely packed in nutrients and minerals (this is also called micronutrients). We are going to give you our top 10 pics on which ones to plant and everything you need to know about them. By the end of this article we will have you mastering micronutrients (Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D, E, K and folate) and essential minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium, sulfur, and chlorine)

Mustard Seeds

Yellow and brown are relatively popular greens. They grow from a seed into a good shoot in about 7 days. The yellow seeds grow to have larger size at harvest time; the leaves tend to have a dark red wine color underneath them. It is worth noting that the entire has a mildly distinct flavor that is rather pleasant.

MUSTARD microgreensBrown seeds are the ones known to have the classic mustard flavor, yeah the mild heat that most people love.

It is good to note that the yellow seeds grow slightly faster than the brown (don’t get to excite the difference is only of about a day to 3 days).The mustard microgreens work perfectly in the same way you would regularly use mustard, it is just a healthier, tastier option.

You could place them over your sandwich or on your hotdog. Huh who said a hot dog couldn’t be healthy after all. You could use them are a garnish into your salad just to add a light hint of flavor.
Mustard seeds may be grown in soil or on a paper towel and take about a week to grow to their full potential. You could buy the seeds from your local grocery store. They never proved to be difficult to acquire. We advise that as you plant you use about a teaspoon of seeds when planting your seed as this seemed to be optimum in a growing medium sized 17 cm in diameter.
Buy Mustard Seeds

                                            NUTRITIONAL FACT OF MUSTARD SEEDS PER 100g
Calories 27Kcal
Total fat 0.4g
Saturated fats 0g
Polyunsaturated fats 0g
Monounsaturated fats 0.15g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 20mg
Potassium 384mg
Total carbohydrate 4.7g
      Dietary fiber 3.2g
      Sugar 1.3g
Protein 2.9g
Vitamin A 60%
Calcium 11%
Vitamin D 0%
Cobalamin 0%
Vitamin C 117%
Iron 8%
Vitamin B6 10%
Magnesium 8%

Yellow and Green PEAS

It’s astonishing how these miniscule seeds grow to such tall greens. It is mind boggling. They take their time to do this but they are worth the patience. The shoots (small plant) of peas grow tall and have a hint of a sweet taste. These peas are so popular you most likely have had them in a fine dining restaurant, with their beautiful appearance and a flavor to back it up it is honestly not a shocker.

PEAS microgreensThe same basic dried peas you could use to cook could be used as seed to grow the shoot. You nearby grocery store should have it in their dry food department. We strongly advise that before you jump right ahead and buy the first batch that you see in the store, take it upon yourself to read the labeling of the packet.

☝If the packet says, ‘easy cooking, quick cooking, instant cooking’ do not waste a dime of your money. These seeds have been processed and refined and won’t grow let alone germinate.

We advise going ahead to use soil as the medium of growth as we found it much more effective. We also strongly advise soaking the seeds in water for about half a day just to jumpstart the growth process. This also helps select the good seed from the bad; we surely don’t need to be plant seeds that won’t grow.

Based on where you are living and how much light you get in a day, these shoots will grow from seed to ready for consumption in about 10 days.

The shoots of pea are a little different from other plants. They are not extremely soft and delicate like most microgreens. They are sturdy and a little rigid. With time they get string and pale, we strongly advise that the moment they or mature size that they should be harvested otherwise they lose their taste and wilt. No one would love to have stale tasting vegetables.

                                 NUTRITIONAL FACTS OF PEA MICROGREENS PER 100g
Calories 81Kcal
Total fat 0.4g
   Saturated fat 0.1g
   Polyunsaturated fat 0.2g
   Monounsaturated fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 5mg
Potassium 244mg
Total carbohydrate 14g
    Dietary fiber 5g
    Sugar 6g
Protein 5g
Vitamin A 15%
Calcium 2%
Vitamin D 0%
Cobalamin 0%
Vitamin C 66%
Iron 8%
Vitamin B6 10%
Magnesium 8%


radish ,icrogreensThis one really is a public favorite. Its spicy and fiery taste is unique and gives it a distinct flavor. The plants resemble their fully grown counterpart when it comes to taste but it is turned down a notch here.

Radish is one of the fastest growing shoots that takes about five days from the day you plant it to the day you harvest it. We highly advise that you harvest the plant the moment the first pair of leaves erupt. Harvesting it any later than that will make the plant fibrous and not as enjoyable to eat.

Getting radish seeds won’t be as easy as any other microgreen plant. It would be great to consider checking stores online that keep and sell plant nurseries. You might also be lucky to find them in a health food store close to you or just tap the button below. A warning, you might find the seeds under the name daikon seeds, but don’t be afraid this is just another variation of the same plant. The daikon seeds produce plants that have an equally quick growing rate and have the same characteristic flavor.

We strongly recommend that you grow them on paper towels because they grow so fast and are better eaten when they are tender.

The microgreens from radish are amazing to put into your burger or in your bowl of soul.
Buy Radish Seeds

Calories 43Kcal
Protein 3.8g
Fat 2.5g
Carbohydrates 3.6g
Vitamin A 391IU (8%)
Vitamin C 28.9mg (48%)
Vitamin B1 0.1mg (7%)
Vitamin B2 0.1mg (6%)
Vitamin B6 0.3mg (14%)
Folate 95mcg (24%)
Pantothenic acid 0.7mg (7%)
Calcium 51mg (5%)
Iron 0.9mg (5%)
Magnesium 44mg (11%)
Phosphorus 113mg (11%)
Potassium 86mg (2%)
Sodium 6mg
Zinc 0.6mg (4%)
Copper 0.1mg (6%)
Manganese 0.3%
Selenium 0.6mcg


The shoots of broccoli are rather different. The taste doesn’t resemble broccoli and I would bet that for a number of people that is a blessing.

Broccoli is a part of the cabbage family and like the other cabbages, as it grows it doesn’t exactly smell like roses. Broccoli is a vegetable with about 20 to 40 times more vitamins and minerals than the full grown plant.

You could have them by putting them in a smoothie or a salad or eating it with cottage cheese.

The main question now might be, ‘where can I buy broccoli seeds from’? You could buy from a health food store or right now Buy Broccoli Seeds

Recipes With MicroGreens – Easy Way to be Fit and Healthy



          • Take 170 grams of broccoli microgreen shoots.
          • Add 160 grams of frozen strawberries.
          • And an equal amount of plain yogurt as the strawberries.
          • Have a peeled frozen banana placed into the blender.
          • Add a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime juice.
          • Gently put in 19 drops of vanilla into the concoction you are making.
          • Add an entire tablespoon of honey if you have a sweet tooth.
          • Blend all the ingredients you have above till you have a nice consistency.
          • Drink and enjoy your smoothie.

This smoothie is a healthy alternative for a cola or a high calorie milkshake during the summer when the heat is blazing.


Here is another drink that you would probably like to have during the summer. It’s time to go green with much healthier option; a cola with green color does not mean that you are healthier.

For this smoothie you are going to need:

          • 1 whole avocado peeled with the seed removed;
          • 180g of broccoli microgreens (you could use another subtle tasting plant like sunflower);
          • Add a teaspoon of fresh ginger (grated);
          • Place into the blender 4 fresh mint leaves;
          • Add a cup, and a half of cold apple juice;
          • Place into the blender one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Place all your ingredients into the blender. Finely blend all the ingredients till you come up with a smooth consistency. Taste it if it is good. Then serve it and enjoy.


sandwich with microgreens If you are a regular at having snacks and find it hard to squeeze in vegetables into your meals we encourage that you try this out. Especially for kids who are stubborn when it comes to eating their greens we advise that you go right ahead and try this.

What will you need?

          • Two slices of white or brown bread (or the bread of your choice)
          • A jar of low fat cheese
          • A couple slices of ham
          • Radish shoots.

You will first need to take your slices of bread. Place a slice of low fat cheese onto the bread. If you do not have low fat cheese you could opt for a low fat mayonnaise instead. It tastes really good too.

Place the slices of ham parallel to one another and ensure that you don’t leave any piece of bread void of ham.Then take a quarter of a handful of the radish and place it rights on top of the ham. Be sure that you wash you radish before putting into your sandwich. We want to get healthier and not ill.

Get a knife and cut the sandwich into a good sized half.


This is a really good salad packed with so much flavor and nutrients you couldn’t go wrong with it. It is really easy to whip up and won’t take much time to prepare. The best part is that it does not require any heating or cooking.


          • 50g of almonds;
          • 400g of beets;
          • 2 large sized carrots peeled and sliced;
          • 1 table spoon of olive oil;
          • A pinch of Himalayan sea salt;
          • One pinch of freshly ground black pepper;
          • 2 cups of mustard microgreens (feel free to use a mixture of microgreens);
          • 150g of goat cheese;
          • Half a lemon.

Here is how to prepare the salad:

          1. Roast the almonds on a hot dry skillet till you have a pleasant aroma coming off them, and their color changes to golden brown.
          2. Slice the carrots and dice the beets.
          3. Get a bowl and put in it the sliced and diced vegetables, the mustard microgreens, the olive oil, the black pepper and add the Himalayan sea salt. Mix all these ingredients well till all the components are evenly spread all around the bowl.
          4. Get a nice plate and layer the salad, start with the salad, then sprinkle pieces of goat cheese on the top.
          5. Place the almonds on the top.

Squeeze the lemon over then salad to give the salad a little more taste.

Enjoy your delicious salad.

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