Growing a Herb Garden: Indoor Gardening Tips for Beginners

As winter is silently creeping in, passionate gardeners set aside their gardening tools, hide wind spinners from stormy winds, winterize the irrigation system, and leave solar garden lights to scrape desperately for some daylight.
While your garden might look still and deserted, it is not necessary to desert your passion for gardening and luscious greenery!
Here is a full beginner’s guide on how to start an indoor garden that will help you enjoy growing herbs year-round.
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10 Reasons of Having Indoor Plant Watering System

Reasons for having an Indoor Plant Watering System

For individuals interested in farming methods that allow them flexibility and convenience, indoor plant watering systems are your best bet. When you implement it together with the self-watering systems, it is an excellent solution for those who would want to break away from the traditional gardening practices. Continue reading “10 Reasons of Having Indoor Plant Watering System”

Solar Garden Lights VS Wired Landscape Lighting

Solar versus Wired Lighting – Pros and Cons

Landscape lighting can add to the ambiance of your home, but what type of lights should you choose? Recent advances in solar lighting have made the decision of choosing garden lighting quite difficult. Exploring the pros and cons of solar lighting versus wired lighting may make for an easier verdict. Continue reading “Solar Garden Lights VS Wired Landscape Lighting”

Growing Spaghetti and Butternut Squash: The Definitive Guide 2020

Spaghetti and butternut squash are popularly known as squashes. However, they possess totally distinguishable characteristics. Butternut squash has a distinct taste and is rich in nutrition constituents. Besides, it has a smooth texture making it most ideal for sauces, fillings, and soups. However, spaghetti squash has a mild flavor and it does not last in storage long. It involves versatile preparation methods and can be shredded to resemble spaghetti. Continue reading “Growing Spaghetti and Butternut Squash: The Definitive Guide 2020”

How to Grow Culinary Herbs Indoors

Whether you are an expert chef looking to produce more farm to table cuisine for your restaurant, or you are an individual who is looking to zest up your home cooking, growing culinary herbs indoors is not only easy, it is beneficial to your wallet and your health. Any chef will tell you that growing your own herbs provides you a satisfaction when you harvest and use, that you cannot get anywhere else. If you have ever considered growing your own herbs indoors, here are some starter points that will get you headed in the right direction. Continue reading “How to Grow Culinary Herbs Indoors”

Grow Micro Basil and Sunflower Microgreens Around the Year

Healthy and full of nutrients sunflower and micro basil microgreens are a great addition to many dishes. Microgreens are a miniature version of easy to grow salad greens. You might be sprouting your own, in a Mason jar or some other homemade device. Perhaps you’re growing microgreens too. Or you might only have sprouts or microgreens added to a dish when you’re having a salad or sandwich at your favorite eatery. Continue reading “Grow Micro Basil and Sunflower Microgreens Around the Year”

How to Get Rid of Ants and White Aphids Organically

As spring arrives and temperatures warm, we see new growth and early blooms in our landscape. Fruit trees display beautiful blossoms that indicate the fruit is on the way.

As we admire the blooms and inspect new growth, we notice swarms of tiny white or black bugs around new growth. There also seems to be many ants roaming in the area and a sticky substance on the tree. What is all this and how do we get it off our prized fruit trees? Continue reading “How to Get Rid of Ants and White Aphids Organically”

How to Start Sugar Free Lifestyle – Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet

There surely is no argument that in large amounts sugar isn’t good for your health.
Did you also know that sugar (carbohydrates) is your body’s main source of fuel?
Your body especially your brain use sugar first to produce energy, your body finds using sugar much easier and it is much more efficient. I guess this is where the entire concept of eating in moderation comes in. Despite it being your main fuel source your body only needs so much in a day, anything more than what the body needs it will store it in the form of glycogen and fat. Yes this is why it is common speculation that sugars make you fat. It is true, but it doesn’t mean that drinking a barrel of oil won’t make you look round and fluffy. Continue reading “How to Start Sugar Free Lifestyle – Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet”

What are MicroGreens? Health Benefits, Recipes and How to Grow at Home

With summer being right around the corner, I bet you are trying to figure out the next best thing what is the easy way to be fit and healthy as soon as possible. Everyone wants to be able to brag about their amazing beach body, and I bet you want to do the same too. Continue reading “What are MicroGreens? Health Benefits, Recipes and How to Grow at Home”