TOP 7 Solar Wind Spinners for Your Garden 2019

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When you have an elaborate garden in your outdoor space, you are going to want to add to it. Of course colorful plants can do a lot for the space, but the one thing that many people forget to consider are solar wind spinners. They can add a lot of color to your space as well as motion, which can easily mesmerize or draw the attention of you r guests to the spinner. These have quite a number of different spinning aesthetics that will look great in your garden, and many of them are relatively cheap additions that you can easily add.

In this guide, we are going to look at some of the best solar wind spinners that can be found on the market. All eight of the options that we will be reviewing could really be great options for any garden, so it is up to you to choose the best option for your needs.
Our Top picks

Product nameBest forPrice
1. Solar Multi-color Tulip Wind Spinnersolar wind spinnerBest for a Spinning Display Check Price
2. Outdoor LED Metal Garden Wind Spinnersolar wind spinner review Best for a Nighttime Sparkle Check Price
3. Exhart Triple Lotus Flower Wind Spinnersolar wind spinner reviewBest Floral Design for a Garden Check Price
4. Solar Wind Spinner with Jeweled Cupbest solar wind spinnersBest for Soft Glowing Jewel Tones Check Price
5. Illuminarie Leaf Windmillbest solar wind spinnersBest for an Antique Look Check Price
6. Tri- Color Solar Wind Spinnerbest solar wind spinnersBest for Dual Direction Spinning Check Price
7. Solar Mesh Rainbow Wind Spinnersolar wind spinnersBest for a Colorful Display Check Price
8. SteadyDoggie Solar Wind Spinnersolar wind spinnersBest for Lighting Up Your Garden Check Price

1. Multi-color Tulip Solar Wind Spinner – Best for a Spinning Display

garden solar wind spinnerOur first product is a lovely option that is designed with a floral design that will shimmer and spin in the wind. The finish of the tulip-shaped flower is multi-colored, so or you will see red, yellow, and blue as it spins. There is a solar powered LED glass bulb in the center of the flower that will help the spinner glow when the sun goes down, and this light can change colors as you watch it.

Though the product shows that the LED can be a variety of colors, it seems to only be available in the three primary colors, which are red, yellow, and blue.

This is a metal wind spinner, so it is designed to be protected from the rain. It is also a very secure model that will remain intact when heavy winds and torrential downpours happen in your area. In fact, the stronger the wind is, the brighter the bulb in the center will be. The paint on the spinner is also amazing looking; in fact, when the sun hits it just right, it will sparkle.


This is a great option for anyone looking for a colorful spinner that looks great at any time of day. It is easy to assemble, and it spins in multiple directions.

  • It’s very simple to assemble
  • It has very vibrant colored petals.
  • It is sturdy enough to be used when the wind is heavy
  • It only has three color options
  • The inner pedals may not spin well without a good breeze

2. Outdoor LED Metal Garden Wind Spinner– Best for a Nighttime Sparkle

garden solar wind spinnerThe next spinner that we are going to look at is one that greatly resembles a wind spinner that a child may play with. It is made from metal so that it spins with ease, and the different parts of the spinner are painted with several brightly-colored sections that will look great in any garden.

Though this is a great option when you are looking a simple wind spinner for your garden, the coloration of this one will not stay on the metal for a very long time. As the spinner sits in the rain and sun, the color will start to fade.

The center of the spinner is a solar-powered panel that will be used to light up the LED lights that can be found around the unit. They are not located on every arm of the spinner, but there are about three or four around the head of the spinner on each side.


If you are looking for a spinner that looks great at night, this is a great option for you. The LED works well, but the paint will fade over time.

  • It spins quite easily with very little wind
  • The LED lights look great in the wind
  • The paint fades easily
  • It does not have a very stable base

3. Triple Lotus Flower Solar Wind Spinner – Best Floral Design for a Garden

best garden solar wind spinnerIf you are looking for a spinner that is going to look great amongst your flowers, then this one is a great choice. It is designed to resemble a flower, and with its offshoots, you can see all of the colors of the blooms, which are blue and purple when they are open and blue and yellow as a bud. There are also green leaves that will look great on this product, especially in the wind.

The packing for the spinner is not the best. The flower spinners seem to bend easily, so the bad packaging does not help protect it.

Even though this is a spinner that is made out of metal, it is designed to be protected from the elements for years. It is fade-resistant so that the sun does not cause it to look old in your garden. It is also scratch-resistant, which means that when the wind is heavy, stray branches will not easily be able to scratch the surface of the spinner. It is also designed to be weather-resistant so when the rain comes down, it does not rust or become damaged in any way.


If you are looking for a spinner that resembles a flower, then this is a great model to consider. It is a very durable option that will be able to stand up to the tests of time.

  • The color of this spinner is vibrant and beautiful
  • The petals and the leaves can spin if the wind is just right
  • The light is very bright, especially when it is really dark outside
  • The light only illuminates from the top flower, not the rest

4Solar Wind Spinner with Jeweled Cup – Best for Soft Glowing Jewel Tones

garden solar wind spinnerThe next product that we are going to look at is a great option for adding an antique ambience to your outdoor space. It can produce a soft jewel tone color in the evening when the sun goes down, and it is a great option for creating mood for a party or a gathering by the pool.

The pole is not as sturdy as it could be. It is great when the weather is calm, but it can be knocked over with too much wind.

Since this spinner has two different sides to it, it can easily spin in multiple directions. This will add a bit of charm to your garden as well as make sure that the product stays stable for the entire eight hours that it can glow. The entire unit looks great against any background, but it really enhances a lighter area such as a patio covered in snow.


This is a very simple wind spinner that can easily be used by anyone, especially those with antique furniture in their outdoor space. It is easy to assemble, and the soft jewel tones look lovely at night.

  • The Installation and assembling the unit is simple.
  • It works well in the rain
  • The jewels look great at night
  • This product seems to be very top heavy
  • It does not spin that well with gentle winds

5.Echo Valley Illuminarie Leaf Windmill – Best for an Antique Look

best solar wind spinner review

If you like a dual motion wind spinner, then this is a great option that will be able to add accents to your yard. The different spirals are made of metal material that will spin in both directions with ease. If the wind is not positioned just right, they may not both spin, but on a truly blustery day, it will work well.

Since this is a spinner that is a full 45 inches tall, it can be a little wobbly in very strong winds. Unfortunately, the spinner needs strong winds to spin properly, which means that it can be damaged fairly easily under normal operations.

The glass orb in the center of the unit is designed to absorb the sunlight during the day and glow a soft green color at night. Once the unit begins to glow, it will slowly begin to fade over time, but overall, it should last for several hours.


This is a lovely solar wind spinner that is designed to last for a very long time. With the coating on the metal, it is not going to rust or take damage from a powerful storm.

  • When it is spinning, it looks quite amazing
  • The spinner has a very appealing look that many guests will love
  • It has a copper finish that will prevent it from rusting
  • The spin that you get from this unit will require stronger winds
  • It only glows in one color

6. Tri- Color Solar Wind Spinner – Best for Dual Direction Spinning

 solar wind spinnersThe next solar wind spinner, which was manufactured by SteadyDoggie, is a great option that gives your garden more of a rustic look. The spinners on the unit are designed to be leaf-shaped, which will give your garden a bit of charm. The two-tiered spin of this product will go in two different directions, which will look great in the day.

At night, the glow is relatively low on this solar spinner. It is only located at the center of the unit, which means that it will look like an eerie glowing ball that you can see for from afar.

This is a great option that is designed to be very sturdy. The spinners will rotate smoothly on the sealed bearings that come with the unit. It will be stable during a very windy storm, and there is even a brushed coating that will look great during the day and at night.


This is a great product to consider when you are looking for a tall option that is sturdy. In total, it is about seven feet, which means that it will have plenty of height in your garden.

  • This is a very simple product to assemble
  • Though it is a very tall spinner, it will be a great option that will be very sturdy
  • The solar light is not the best, so it will only create a circular glow that could be brighter
  • It needs to be windy for both blades to spin properly

7. Solar Mesh Rainbow Wind Spinner – Best for a Colorful Display

best solar wind spinnerThis is a great wind spinner that is designed with a number of colorful blades that are shaped like moons. The colors of the rainbow are displayed in the crescents, and when the wind blows, the colors will swirl together, which looks amazing.

The pole that the spinner is positioned on is a bit difficult to place in the ground, especially because of the size of it.

There are two sides to this spinner that can move individually, so if the wind is stronger, you will be able to see them spin in different directions. There are also mesh panels that are positioned between the blades that are designed to light up when they have absorbed enough solar energy.


This is a large spinner that has a height of 75 inches. In all, it is a very good option for most gardens, but the design may not be for everyone.

  • It illuminates any garden with ease
  • This spinner is designed to bring a garden to life, especially when the wind is blowing strongly
  • It is easy to assemble this spinner
  • The paint wears off after it has been in the rain a few times
  • It can be difficult to put in the ground

8. SteadyDoggie Solar Wind Spinner – Best for Lighting Up Your Garden

best garden solar wind spinnerAt a height of 61 inches, this is a great option to add some height to your outdoor space. It is a two-sided option that will spin in multiple directions. The spinner is made with a metallic construction that is coated with a bronze coating that is designed to protect it from the inclement weather.

Because of the design of this spinner, it is not able to spin well without a lot of wind. If you have sufficient wind available, it will spin in two directions, but it needs to hit the spinner at the right angle.

In the center of the spinner, you will see a bulb that is able to absorb the power of the sun during the day and turn it into energy at night. This will illuminate the spinner, and it will be able to change to any jewel color and maintain the light for a period of up to eight hours.


This is a very lovely spinner that has a metallic coating that looks great in the sun. It also shines well at night; however, it has a bit of difficulty spinning.

  • The lighting can easily last all night, especially during the summer
  • It is 100 percent weather resistant because of the copper coating
  • The glass ball can be set to a number of different color options
  • It does not spin well without a lot of wind
  • The pole that supports it is not the sturdiest

Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for a solar-powered wind spinners, the main thing that most people will consider first is the design or the spinner. This is an object that you will want to have in your outdoor space for years, so you want it to match your personality and your style. If it does not hold up to what you are used to having as decorations in your space, you will throw it away the next time that you remodel. If you are going to keep it year after year, you will need to like the design of the wind spinner. This includes the design of the spinner as well as the color that you choose. It needs to be seen at any time of the day, so if it is a color that blends in too much, it may not do that easily.

What are other important features to consider?


Remember, this is a part of your garden when you purchase it, which means that you will not want to remove it every time that it storms outside. So, before you decide which one you are going to purchase, make sure that you consider all of your options and make sure that you find a sturdy product that will hold up. You are also going to want to make sure that any medal on the solar wind spinners is protected so that it does not rust or become damaged in strong winds and heavy rain.

How it Spins

When you think about solar wind spinners, you might think about the same style of motion, but there is more than one motion type that you can consider. This is especially important when you are looking to mesmerize your guests. There are even models that will spin in multiple directions that you can consider to enhance your outdoor look. Do you want an option with a vertical spin, a horizontal spin, or a combination of both?

The Glow

Since these are solar-powered options, you are going to expect that they power something, right? Well, in most cases, this type of power will indicate that the spinner is designed to glow. This can be a great option for the daytime, but it will light up your garden even more at night. In fact, many of these solar wind spinners are designed to keep their glow for a period of eight hours or more. You can also change the color of the LED in some of the spinners, so if you prefer to make your garden a specific color for a specific celebration, that is a possibility. This also makes it easy to create a mood that you want your guests to feel as the sun goes does.

Easy to Assemble

Depending on the size of the solar wind spinner that you purchase, you are not going to have to do a lot of assembly to put it together. In some situations, these spinners are very small, so assembly is not required; however, if it is something that you will need to consider, make sure that it is easy enough to do. Remember, having instructions that are easy to read and comprehend will help greatly.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to improve the look of your garden, there are quite a number of ways that you can do this. In this guide, we have looked at several different options that you can consider, and all of them are great choices that could look great in your outdoor space. Before you choose one that works for you, make sure that you consider the design, the spin, and the lighting that it will provide.

In the future, these may connect to Wi-Fi in the area and allow you to create nature sounds in your garden as well as lights that you can your guests will enjoy. Regardless of what the future holds, these are some of the best solar wind spinners that you can find on the market today, so have fun deciding which one you are going to use to enhance your garden.


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