Best LED Grow Light Strips for Effective Indoor Gardening

led grow light strips for indoor plants

Growing plants all year round was once mythical science. Earlier, highly skilled people were the only ones practicing it. Growing plants now isn’t as difficult. You would need a warm room, water, fertile soils and of course good lighting. Anyone could grow a green leaf of lettuce.
Lighting, however, is a crucial part of growing plants; it is, of course, the means by which plants make their food. There are several types of lights ranging from warmer lights to brighter lights and a whole variety of choices. One of the lights that popped onto our radar was LED.

ProductMain FeaturesPrice
1. Grow Light Strip Kit 45WMounting Accessories for Greenhouse45W;
Super bright;
For plant growth from germination to fruit;
Easy DIY design;
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2.Yoyomax Grow LED Lights LED Lamp Bulbs Full Spectrum30W;
Auto On/Off;
3 switch modes ;
6 dimmable options;
Check Price
3. Cholas LED Grow Light Strips 36WLights for Hydroponics Greenhouse 36W;
Auto on/off timing function;
5 dimmable levels & 3 lighting modes;
12 months warranty;
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4. Sondiko LED Grow Light Strip Full Spectrum Auto On&Off Every Day Grow Light10W;
40 high quality LED bulbs (50,000 hours lifetime);
Auto On/Off & timing function;
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5. MIXC 4 Pack LED Strips Light Bar Grow Light Strips  for Indoor Seedling Succulent 28W;
5 Levels of Brightness;
Auto On/Off;
1 year warranty;
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1. Grow Light Strip Kit 45W – Our Overall Pick as Best LED Grow Light Strip

grow light strip kits 4 pcs 16 Inches
Growers who cannot find a grow light to meet their needs are the people this light strip is meant for. The light strip comes with all the parts needed to make a growing system. It enhances the size, range and the specificity of the growing-set. Grow light strip would be great for people working in warehouses that don’t get enough light to sustain plant growth.

The light strip comes all the parts that you need to get started:

    • 4 growing LED light bars
    • 3 extension cable 1.5m
    • 1 60W 24V/2.5A driver
    • 12 22*50mm self-adjustable adhesive pads
    • 1 blind cap
    • 12 cable ties
    • 18 screws

You shouldn’t be intimidated by all these parts. They are more than you possibly need to get started. Plus, well, it has never been a bad thing to have a little excess.

  • The lights have a red and blue light setting that gives a range of colours setting that are specific for each growing phase
  • The ‘DIY’ type of set up gives you the ability to create your growing station as you intend
  • The LED makes it economical and inexpensive to operate

2. Yoyomax Grow LED Lights – Best Desktop Grow Light Strips

led grow lights 3 strips
If you need a LED for your office plants this is just the lamp you have been looking for. Not to sound like a corny salesman with the padded jacket and necktie but no kidding this is it exactly what you need. Loads of people have plants in the office to make the place feel a little cosier and more open, plants may give off beautiful scents and colours to brighten up the room.

Besides they also make people feel a little feel calm before the hammer is dropped.

Picking a light for the office requires a little more than just the amount of light the lamp may give. The lamp should not only be effective but it must also be aesthetic, it must be beautiful. We guess having a plant in the office is meant to make the office more beautiful so having a bad looking light is counter-intuitive. This lamp has some type of elegance, a beautiful look to it. Each lamp has a neck that would look like the neck of a goose.
The lamp is even cooler in that it comes with several little smart tricks that look sophisticated enough to make many people’s heads turn. The light uses a USB b driver so you could connect it to your laptop. Then the lamp swivels and turns in many directions. The lamp doesn’t come with a stand but instead is secured into place by a clamp that may be clamped by the edge of the table.

The plants LED lamp comes with:

  • 3 LED light bars
  • A clip that can hold the edge of a table
  • A light controller
  • 3 goosenecks that attach to the LED lights
  • A clamp that allows the plants to be well fixed
  • The goosenecks that make the entire stand of the lights very sturdy and yet very flexible
  • Low electricity consumption
  • The timer has no memory. It needs to be set each time it is used.
It is safe to say that this is a good product for the office and tight spaces too. It could be used if you are around to monitor it but it isn’t the product we recommend if you hope to travel for weeks at a time hoping that your plants will receive sufficient light. Another alarming thing is its reliability, a few users stated how faulty the light gets at the 30-day mark. The entire thing is covered by a great customer care policy and speedy delivery.

3. Cholas LED Grow Light Strips 36W – Best for Microgreens and Culinary Herbs

  •  Grow Light Strips for Plants, Cholas 36W 132 Leds
    The LED grows light strips are intended for a people requiring to make an efficient yet simple set up to growing microgreens and culinary herbs. LED grow lights could be used in a much smaller space. They give a hefty punch with the amount of light they produce. Having three light colours is just the start of this product, each color has its distinct meaning and use. The blue light is meant for the plants growing, the red light stimulates the plants blossoming. It is pretty cool that both blue and red lights could be on simultaneously.

    The plant LED lamp comes with:

  • 3 LED light bars
  • 1 adapter
  • 1 controller
  • 7 ft of wired cord
  • 12 screws to fix the light bars
  • 3 strips of double-sided sticky tape
  • 1 user manual
  • Having multiple light settings to adjust to the brightness and the colour ratio to ensure that you are getting the best support for your plants
  • It comes with a timer that makes it possible for you to control how much light your plants receive each day
  • The lights are permanent fixed to the adapter and remote. You are stuck with their lengths.
Several users asked if it is possible that the LED lights could be placed into one continuous strip. Well we did try and it isn’t possible. The lights bars are connected by wires to the remote. They aren’t adjustable and neither are they changeable. They could be put in several patterns, having them in a straight line isn’t one of the options.
More users asked about the total wattage of the light bars. After our careful measurement, we found out that all together they give off 36 Watt.

4. Sondiko LED Grow Light Strip – Best for Growing on a Budget

Full Spectrum Auto On&Off Every Day Grow Light
If you are the traveller this is for you. The Sondiko LED grow light would be one of the best things that could come your way. Travellers often have the dilemma of leaving stuff behind. You obviously couldn’t take all your goods with you on your vacation, but we bet that if you had the opportunity you would jump to the chance.

Leaving behind plants is especially difficult if you live way up in the northern or the southern hemisphere. We gave mention to these two places because these two places normally receive relatively less sunlight throughout the year and it isn’t a secret.

Here are two solutions that would definitely help whilst you are away travelling the world, water spikes and the Sondiko LED grow light. This grow light is rather compact and would fit into any nook and cranny of your home. The company also does a good job at giving all the tools, kits and aids that you would need to fix the lights.

The Sondiko LED grow light comes with:

  • 1 LED light bar
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • 78-inch cable
  • 4 screws and 4 washers
  • 1 screwdriver
  • The light bar is a full spectrum that gives all the similar wavelengths of light as the sun
  • The package comes with all the material and tools to install the light bar
  • The timer on the light is efficient and runs at the same time every 24 hours.
  • It is a single light bar. You couldn’t use it on many plants.
  • The light is bright enough to grow leafy plants like ferns but it wouldn’t be sufficient to grow fruit like strawberries.
Several users who purchased asked about whether it could be used for seedlings. We decided to try it out and we noticed that it works perfectly with not only seedlings but also many types of plants.
A couple of other users placed their concerns about how the timer works. Well, the timer is external and uses a 24-hour clock to schedule the time that it will go on and off.

5. MIXC 4 Pack LED Strips Light Bar – Powerful Yet Affordable

Grow Light Bar with Timer Auto Turn On
The MIXC 4 pack LED strips are probably our most DIY pick here. In simple terms, it is for a more advanced user who has toyed and fiddled around with many other grow lights. We direct it towards the user who is well versed in the art of using LED lights and would like to construct his very own. If you are a beginner don’t turn away just yet, everything you need to get started is in this box and it could very well be your newest project.

The MIXC grow light comes with:

  • 3 grow light bars
  • A set of screws
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • 3 x 1m cord
  • 1 remote
  • It comes with grow light strips with extension cables to make it easy to fix
  • 6 lights could be connected in series to make a jumbo growing light structure
  • The long extension cable allows it to be used over long and extended distances
  • You need to construct it on your own
  • The pack comes with a couples adhesives but no tools are included.
To say it straight, is this the best LED grow light? well placing it at the very top would be pretty steep but it is an amazing contender for the top.
Would we recommend buying this item? If you are in the market for grow light strips with extension cables then this is it. We especially recommend it if you would like to embark on a project to create your LED grow light.

Buyer’s Guide

When jumping in to buy an LED grow light there are a couple of things that you would need to know and pay attention to.
Experience. Your experience is a huge factor in determining which light you should go ahead and buy. For less experienced individuals we recommend buy one that doesn’t require setting up or has simpler settings. A grow lamp would just as well be the best thing to start with. Grow light strips for plants will ideal for people with more specific needs. They would especially be directed to people growing plants on a professional basis or for marketing and sale.
Your watch time. Whether you will be able to monitor the light is a huge determining factor. People who would have a high watch time are people having lights in their office. They could turn the lights on and off as they are almost always right next to the plant and the light. Frequent travellers would, however, be on the other side of the spectrum. They would seldom be around the plants. They need a reliable light that has an automatic feature that would be able to turn itself on and off for several hours of the day.
The amount of room you have to play around with. People with small rooms, tables or free spaces would need a compact light with little wiring or complex fitting. LED lamps would be the best for this. They are not only compact but they also do not take up a lot of room. If you have a much bigger room and want to make a mini garden we highly recommend getting LED grow light strips. You will get the best bang for your buck. You would be able to illuminate a much larger area using one set of LED lamps.
Budget. We couldn’t run away from talking about this. If you have a larger budget and a little more money to spend. We recommend getting the grow light strips. They are a little more expensive after adding up how much will be spent on them in total. If you are on a much tighter budget the growing lamps would hit the spot. They would downright have everything you need in one purchase.

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