Best Unusual Gardening Gifts for Mom and Dad in 2020

gardening gifts for mom

How can you choose the best gardening gift for that special someone with the green thumb? There are a great variety of helpful and fun gardening gifts that anyone would enjoy, either mom or dad, even if that gardener has everything. Keep your gardener’s cultivation cravings satisfied in the winter with indoor projects, or make the outdoor hobby more enjoyable with organizational tools or new technology.
You can provide your beloved gardener with new, creative avenues of enjoying and displaying their passion for beautiful, healthy plants and garden areas. Here are a few ideas to consider for caring for and sharing that gardening magic.

Our Top picks

ProductBest ForPrice
1. Levitating Air Pot gardening gifts for mom Best gift for her Check Price
2. Garden Tool Set best gifts for gardener Best for weeding, soil prep, and pruning Check Price
3. AeroGardengardening gifts for herBest for limited space or for growing in the off-season Check Price
4. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllerbest gifts for gardenerBest for large spaces to cultivate Check Price
5. Weeding & Digging Knife best gifts for gardener Best for easy access for any yard project Check Price
6. Solar Lights Waterproof Spotlightsbest gifts for gardenerBest lighting choice to save money Check Price
7. Giantex 10ft Solar Patio Umbrellabest gifts for gardener The best accessory for patio Check Price
8. Amish Wagon Decorativebest gifts for gardener reviewBest for decorating the yard Check Price
9. Click and Grow Smart Gardengardening gifts for momBest for year-round gardening
Check Price
10. USA made lawn/garden tray for all best gifts for gardenerBest way to save time and energy Check Price
11. Frog and Four Lily Pad Fountain  garden fountains reviewBest for Exterior Design Check Price
12. Aquaponics Water GardenBest for Aesthetic Check Price
13. Robotic Barbecue cleanergrillbot robotic barbecue Best for Family Members who Love to Barbecue Check Price
14. Smart WiFi Weather Stationsmart weather stationBest for Weather Tech Enthusiast Check Price
15. Sonkir Soil Moisture Tester GardeningSonkir Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH TesterBest gardening modern technology Check Price

1. Levitating Air Bonsai Pot – Best gardening gift for her

These office-friendly pots are wonderful gardening gifts for mom. Here is a gift that can appeal to both the plant and tech lover. This unique plant decor can be an interesting conversation piece or mood enhancement tool. Magnetic levitation technology keeps the plant rotating suspended above the base. The small size makes it ideal for either office or living areas.gardening gifts for mom

Things to Know:
The pot itself is about 3 inches in diameter and the base is about 5 inches. The pot will hold about the weight of a 20 oz. water bottle at most. A small indoor bonsai or herb would work well. The plant is not included.
The pot must be kept plugged in at all times and should be kept away from electronic devices to prevent interference. The base must be kept dry, so don’t overwater.

The unit comes with an AC adapter and is contained in a nice box as a gift.

  • Soothing, relaxing to watch
  • Spin is adjustable to slow, steady rate
  • A great conversation piece
  • Not recommended for children under 12
  • Not real wood, it’s wood-simulating plastic

2. Bluefringe Garden Tool Set – Best gardening gift for weeding, soil prep, and pruning

These kits are great gardening gifts for everyone. The aluminum frame stool and attachable canvas tool bag included in this convenient kit will keep garden tools organized and ready to use. The toolset is useful for many gardening jobs such as weeding, soil prep, and pruning. The unit is portable and easy to store.gardening gifts for dad and mom

Things to Know
The stool plus the tool bag has a combined weight of about 6.5 pounds and a maximum capacity of around 220 pounds (100 kg). So the kit is easy to carry from place to place in any gardening space.
The soft rubber handles help reduce fatigue for any size hand. The stool’s backrest also helps provide extra support for the back. Both the stool frame and tools are made from aluminum and crafted for durability. The outside storage pockets make the tools easy to access and replace.
  • Washable, double-stitched canvas seat
  • Detachable tote
  • Convenient storage
  • Some people find the stool to be a little small for taller, larger frames
  • A few found the tools unsuitable for larger plants/gardening jobs

3. AeroGarden Harvest Grey – Best for growing in the off-season

These indoor planters make great gifts for men or women gardeners with limited space or for growing in the off-season, the AeroGarden provides year-round fresh herbs and veggies. The plants are fast growing without herbicides or pesticides and are non-GMO. Fresh herbs can be grown for just pennies a day using patented nutrients and water.aerogarden - gifts for the gardener who has everything

Things to Know
This hydroponic unit used no soil. Seeds are grown in pods which come with the unit, or you can experiment with your choice of seeds and sponge. Herbs can continue to produce for up to 2 months. Plants that outgrow the AeroGarden unit can be transplanted into larger pots.

The unit requires a minimum of attention. The patented nutrients and water are added about every 2 weeks. The unit has a clock and timers to remind you when upkeep is needed.

The unit includes a full spectrum, automated LED grow light that is 25% more powerful than many competitors’ lights. The height of the light is adjustable to prevent heat damage.

  • Year-round fresh herbs and veggies
  • WIFI controlled notifications
  • Easy to use
  • Stand only reaches 12 inches in height
  • Some found the water access a bit small

4. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller – Best for large spaces to cultivate

This gift would be a good gardening gift for anyone either mom or dad with large spaces to cultivate and a love for the latest technology. The Rachio Controller is Amazon’s highest rated WIFI sprinkler controller. The controller can be used to combine current weather information with garden needs in order to provide just the right amount of moisture.gardening gifts for mom and dad, garden gadget

Things to Know
Sprinkler systems can be accessed from the controller or by downloading the Rachio app to a phone, tablet or laptop. The system is also compatible with voice-activated technology such as Alexa.

The system can be adapted for different plant types and different amounts of sun exposure. It will also detect any leaks and make necessary adjustments to minimize water loss. The system can track local weather and skip watering on days when it rains.

The system can be manually started or stopped and can be operated even when offline. The automated system has been known to cut water bills up to 50%. The Rachio Smart system is EPA WaterSense certified.
  • Precise control
  • Top customer service
  • Most connected controller available
  • Some find the system complicated to program
  • Onboard controls minimal offline
  • Only waters one zone at a time

5.  Weeding Digging Knife – Best for easy access for any yard project

gardening gifts knife garden toolsBoth professional and home gardeners have found the Nisaku Hori-Hori knife to be one of the most useful tools for all kinds of gardening chores from pruning to planting. It’s tough, durable construction and ease of use make owners want to keep it handy all season long. These knives are great gardening gifts for men who like to carry a knife on their belt for easy access for any yard project.

Things to Know
The unique Nisaku knife is concave on one side for easy digging. Measurements are engraved on the blade to ensure the perfect planting depth.One edge is straight and the other serrated, making the knife even more of an all-purpose tool. The high-quality Tomita stainless steel and strong wooden handle can endure rough garden use. It is also useful for camping and hunting trips.

The knife comes with a tough leather sheath having a snap loop for attaching to a belt. The knife can also be hung on a peg rack for easy storage.

  • Multi-use
  • Top rated
  • Durable high quality materials
  • Serrations very small
  • Wooden handle not as durable as blade
  • Glove recommended to protect palm when weeding

6. Solar Lights Waterproof Spotlights – Best lighting choice to save money

Here are more amazing gardening gifts for mom and dad who enjoy creating a relaxing atmosphere even after dusk, TomCare Solar Lights will add a creative flair for any occasion. These solar-powered lights imitate tiki torches without the need for caution. The flickering lights can create an exotic ambiance for the well-manicured garden entertainer.gardening gifts for mom and men

Things to Know
The dancing flame design of these solar lights adds a soft and safe mood-enhancing glow to manicured garden, patio, and pool areas.

They run completely on solar power and can last up to 10 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter when completely charged. Charging time takes about 8 hours of full sunlight. When new, it may take a couple of days for full function.

The lights turn on automatically at dusk. There is no wiring required. The lights are about 4 feet tall and made of ABS plastic. They are durable and weather resistant all year round.

  • Easy installation
  • Auto on/off
  • Never needs batteries
  • Not full torch height
  • Some commented that lights appeared foggy

7. Giantex 10ft Solar Patio Umbrella – The best accessory for patio

best gifts for gardener patio accessorizeGreat gardening gift for dedicated gardeners and who want to simply enjoy the fruits of their labor with friends. The Giantex 10 foot umbrella can provide protection from either UV rays or rain. Shade a grassy area or light up a patio table with this large, stable umbrella.

Things to Know
This large umbrella features 8 ribs with 3 LED lights each for up to 6 hours of soft, efficient light. The lights are powered by a square solar panel mounted on top of the umbrella.

The hand-crank lift makes the umbrella easy to open and close. The long-lasting breathable fabric is fade, stain, and mildew resistant. The tilt option helps keep the sun off during daytime activities.

  • Easy to operate
  • Reasonably priced
  • Stable and durable
  • Not suitable for windy conditions
  • Some comment that tilt mechanism creates a weak point

8. Amish Wagon Decorative – Best for decorating the yard

gardening gifts for mom

Your special gardener can create a unique display with this rustic style wagon. These decorative pieces make excellent gardening gifts for her. The planter can be used indoors or out for seasonal plants and decor. Collections, Etc., has been providing quality USA-manufactured decor ideas for 50 years.

Things to Know
The wagon is made of wood and iron. It is sturdy and durable, though some recommend coating it with sealant for outside use and drilling holes for live plants. The wagon also comes in green and red, or it can be painted as desired.This wagon is pretty small. It’s hard to tell by the ad pictures. Just as an idea of its size, an average-sized housecat would just about fill it. Including the handle, the wagon is 44.5 inches long and 14.5 inches wide. It still makes an adorable display on a front porch or in an entryway.
  • Adds a country feel
  • 60-day return policy
  • Durable construction
  • Small size
  • Some found assembly difficult

9. Click and Grow Smart Garden – Best for year-round gardening

Satisfy those year-round urges with this gardening gift for indoor use. Use the included basil capsule or choose from over 40 pre-seeded herb, veggie, or fruit capsules. This small unit can be placed in the kitchen, living room, or in a window. Growing long-lasting produce is quick and easy with the Click and Grow kit.

Things to Know
gardening gifts for her reviewThe kit’s patented nano-tech, smart soil medium accelerates plant growth without a loss in quality.The unit takes up about the same amount of room as a regular loaf of bread. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. The unit comes with a 100% replacement warranty.The light can be raised as the plants grow by adding provided extensions. The lights are on their own timer. Water will need to be added approximately every two weeks.
  • Easy to use
  • Quick growth
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Raising lights is awkward with separate parts
  • Extra parts can be lost
  • Lights are extremely bright

10. USA made lawn/garden tray for all  – Best way to save time and energy

Avid gardeners will enjoy this organizer when moving about their various garden spaces. This time saver cuts down the need to go back for another tool. Everything can be stored at the gardener’s fingertips, from long-handled rakes and shovels to water bottles and other personal items. These special trays make great gardening gifts for older gardeners, as they save time and energy.gardening gifts for men and for her

Things to Know
The Little Burro stores gardening necessities, including long and short handled tools, a tray of plants, seeds, and bulbs, or a 5-gallon bucket or an 80-pound bag of soil.The wheel burrow tray fits on 4, 5, 6, and 7 cu. ft. wheelbarrows, anchoring at the back for stability and versatility. The tray weighs just 6 pounds, making it easy to handle for most people.The Little Burro tray is made from UV resistant, sturdy, durable plastic. It comes with a lidded, airtight compartment for protecting personal items, snacks, or seed packs until needed.
  • Lightweight
  • Timesaver
  • Durable
  • Does not fit larger, 8 cu. ft. wheelbarrows
  • Tools may fall out of side holders on bumpy ground

11. John Timberland Frog and Four Lily Pad Fountain – Best for Exterior Design

backyard fountains review
A decorative water feature is the icing on the cake for dedicated gardeners. The soothing sounds of gurgling water add to garden relaxation and enjoyment. This whimsical fountain features a nature-based theme complimentary to any garden or patio space. Also, the adjustable flow helps limit over-splash, resulting in minimal slippery areas or messes to clean up.

unusual gift for mom At 21 inches high, this fountain will not be overwhelming for smaller garden or patio areas. It is made of lightweight cast resin with a painted rock and lily pad finish and built-in LED lights. The feature is easy to move, weighing less than 20 pounds. Distilled water is recommended to extend the life of the included pump. Water will need to be added every few days in warmer weather.

Outdoor fountains also attract more birds or other wildlife, adding even more interest to any cultivated space. Your favorite gardener will derive hours of pleasure from this simple feature nestled into a colorful garden plot.
  • Very little pump noise
  • Self-contained
  • Durable construction
  • Poor instructions
  • Requires 2 electrical outlets

12. Aquaponics Water Garden – Best for Aesthetic

unusual gift for mom and dadThis unique aquaponic ecosystem is a great gift for the mom who is concerned for earth-healthy, quality growing projects both indoors and out. The Back to the Roots Water Garden’s self-cleaning fish tank topped with a scaled-down hydroponics system can produce organic microgreens in as little as 10 days. Or many different plants can be grown for beauty as well as usefulness.

The included microgreen seeds produce a healthy addition to salads or smoothies, and the kit makes a great family project or even a classroom teaching aid. A fish coupon is included, providing everything needed to begin. The kit comes in beautiful packaging and is sure to be a hit with Mom or your favorite teacher or gardener. Kids can also enjoy a creative experience that introduces progressive technology for growing edible plants as well as learning to care for pet fish.

The Back to the Roots Water Garden is made in the USA and backed by a guarantee of replacement if it does not work as described. This is a great gift for the gardener, parent, or child who has everything.

  • 100% Refund guarantee
  • Easy set up
  • Educational
  • Tank may require a heater and other accessories
  • Time consuming to clean

13. Grillbot Robotic Barbecue Grill Cleaner – Best for Family Members who Love to Barbecue

grillbot robotic barbecue cleaner - unusual present
Here’s the perfect gift for the dad who likes to top off all his hard landscaping work with a barbecue for family and friends. Make cleanup less of a chore with this fully automatic, rechargeable grill cleaner. The 7.4-volt lithium ion battery powers three independent motors for your choice of a quick 10 minute clean before, or up to a 30 minute deep clean after grill use.

The Grillbot has a push-button start and hands-free operation in either a hot or cold grill. The timer function turns off automatically when the grill is clean. Strong, removable, dishwasher safe brass brushes are designed to clean every inch of the grate. Optional stainless steel or nylon brushes are also available separately.

The Grillbot’s LCD screen shows the time and an audible alarm lets you know when the cleaning cycle is complete. The Grillbot also comes with a carrying case to protect the device during storage or transport.

The Grillbot is a great gift for Father’s Day or for friends and family members who grill frequently. Anyone who loves to barbecue will enjoy the convenience of adding this autonomous cleaning robot to their grilling accessories.

  • Effectively removes old, baked-on residue
  • Three timer settings
  • Dishwasher safe brushes
  • Brushes may not reach all the way down thick grates
  • The Grillbot and other parts of grill will need to be cleaned separately

14. Smart WiFi Weather Station – Best for Weather Tech Enthusiast

wiriless weather stationA personal weather station is the perfect gift for any dedicated gardener. And the Ambient WS-2902A has been reviewed as one of the best for smart home buffs. Having personal weather conditions at his or her fingertips can help monitor and prepare like a professional, as well as lessen overall home water and energy consumption.

The station includes an easy-to-read LCD color display and an enhanced Wi-Fi connectable option. Streaming live data to the internet provides the convenience of personal weather information to any location through an iPad, iPhone or Android device. The system is able to send email or text messages for high weather alerts. It is also compatible with Alexa for easy communication.

The Ambient station measures conditions such as wind speed and direction, precipitation, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and even solar radiation and UV. It can also calculate heat index, wind chill, and the dew point for a complete weather overview.

The station is powered by a solar cell plus 2 AA batteries for backup, which are not included. It can be mounted to any pole between 1 and 2 inches in diameter. There is no mounting pole included with the weather station.

  • High quality manufacturing
  • Great customer support
  • Highly accurate weather stats
  • Very narrow viewing angle on the display console
  • Alexa or Google Assistant reports can be very wordy

15. Sonkir Soil pH Meter Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester – Best gardening modern technology

Best Soil Moisture MetersThe Sonkir Soil Tester is a great gift for either beginner or experienced gardeners. The product tests for proper soil moisture, pH levels preferred for optimal growth, and sunlight exposure levels. These 3 factors are huge determiners of what types of plants will grow best in a given area of any lawn or sunlit window.

The Sonkir soil tester uses double-needle technology for a fast and accurate reading. No batteries are needed. Just insert the tester 2-4 inches into the soil and use the toggle switch to choose what is to be tested. The tester will offer a stable reading in about 10 minutes on the average.

The tester is lightweight and portable for multiple outdoor testings or indoor potted plants. It can assist in making wise choices about what kinds of plants will thrive in a window setting, lawn, or farm. And Sonkir offers an industry-leading 12-month warranty for defective products.

  • Instructions include needs of most common plants
  • Excellent warrantee
  • Easy to use
  • Cannot test liquids

Buyer’s Guide for Gardeners

Before purchasing a gift for your favorite gardener, there are several considerations to make. There are many different types of gardens and gardening styles. Each individual has their own vision for their own garden area. You can increase their enjoyment of their gardening past time with a wise choice.

1. Garden size. Avid gardeners may have large yards or live in townhouses. Some are limited to an apartment balcony and whatever windows can be filled with plant life. A counter garden kit may be a good idea for someone with limited space.

2. Time.Some gardeners have hours to spend every day tootling around the garden. Others are just weekend gardeners whose schedules don’t allow for too much fuss on weeknights. So anything that can help them get through the week with a minimum of fuss would be welcome. Helpful technology may be useful for those with large spaces to keep up with. Those who just want to go out and enjoy their labors in the evenings may enjoy some extra lighting or other entertainment-based ideas.

3. Budget. You don’t have to have a huge budget to impress your gardening loved one. Some gifts are relatively inexpensive, and others offer payment plans. Also, watch for free shipping offers. Planning ahead can also be a good idea. Save up for that special gift that will make a difference for a long time to come.

4. Climate. Different climates create different challenges for committed gardeners. There is a great variety of plant life to choose from depending on soil type and precipitation. Some tools may not be as effective in dry or rocky conditions. Other considerations may be wind or humidity.

5. Age. People of all ages, from children to elderly, enjoy gardening. Consider the needs of your favorite gardener in order to choose a gift that will complement their abilities and help them get the most out of their garden experience. You may need to think about the safety of some gardening tools before purchasing for younger children.

6. Quality. Always check out the reviews of any product before you purchase it for a loved one. Gardening outside is rough work. Outside items should be tough enough to take the punishment of regular use. Indoor products should have good reviews for durability and results.


Gardening is an age-old occupation that never loses its appeal for those who love the beauty of green and flowering plants or want to provide their family with quality food for the table. New technology continues to be developed, providing avid gardeners with even more remote control and making the results more predictable.

Gardeners continue to experiment with traditional methods combined with progressive ideas. So as long as you have a gardener in your life, there will always be innovative gift ideas for any type of gardening venture, whether old-school or tech-savvy. And everyone will enjoy the results.

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